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Prince Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose

Prince Dies of Suspected Drug Overdose


Prince dies unexpectedly of a drug overdose

Social media has been in overdrive with the news that Prince dies unexpectedly. He was one of the icons of pop music and inspired many artists. His sudden death yesterday has shocked the industry with many of his loyal fans paying tribute to him across social media and the internet. Dance parties had been staged last night in memory of Prince and so many tributes have been pouring in.

Prince was only 57 years old and just before his death he was complaining of flu. Some rumors have been circulating saying that he had died of a drug overdose however, it’s not been confirmed yet. Paramedics arrived at his home in Minnesota to try and revive him but unfortunately failed to save his life.

He had written so many songs for himself and other artists including: Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Sinead O’Conner and so many more. This year has seen so many deaths from some of the greatest artists and celebrities including David Bowie and Percy Sledge. His music has touched many music lovers who remember his big hits of the 80’s, including myself who remembers listening to songs like “I would die for you”, “When Doves Cry”/ “1999” and so many more that he had written that stood out even years later. His music is timeless and sounds fresh today than it did in the 80’s.

Prince was a devoted musician and artist who lived for his art. His branding was iconic which was instantly recognizable and many people loved his style and image which helped inspire so many more musicians, singers and dancers that followed him.

The death of another superstar this year has saddened many and I am sure that he will collaborate with David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Percy Sledge, Amy Winehouse and so many more up there in Rock Heaven.

Next time it rains, remember that is will be purple…



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