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Virtual drum machine - iSpark is released for the ipad

Virtual drum machine – iSpark is released for the ipad

Fxpansion Geist Drum Sampling from Pluginboutique.com

Arturia iSpark drum machine takes on a whole new level..

virtual drum machine

The latest virtual drum machine for the ipad – ‘iSpark’ is out now and it’s awesome.
The ipad and iphone have come along way since the early smart phone days and music making has become one major factor in these mobile tablet devices. Many software developers have paved the way in music production for the ipad and iphone, with every app becoming more sophisticated than the last.
Arturia are a company leading the way with this technology and app development. The company started producing synth plug ins for PC and MAC and they have won numerous awards for innovation and developing amazing software clones of various classic synthesizers like the Moog, Arp 2600, Oberheim, Jupiter 8 and many more.
Over the recent couple of years they have also moved into creating apps for the ipad and iphone. Some of the recent additions are the iMini, iProphet, iSem and the recent iSpark.
The iSpark is a virtual drum machine, which includes a wide variety of drum kits and allows you to program them in a similar way that you would a hardware machine with added extras. It’s a great live tool as well as a useful piece of kit in the studio as well. You can program your beats and tweak the sound in real time giving you some great creative scope and edge to your drum programming.
The iSpark has a 64 – step sequencer and you can control it with the Arturia Spark LE controller. The app also features the sequencer window and mixer, which includes some professional effects to add spice to your drums. The app is also compatible with Ableton Link and Korg’s Wist technology. Audiobus is also available to link it to other apps in your ipad music arsenal.
This is one of the best drum machines that we have come across recently and it’s a must for your studio. Click here for more info on this amazing virtual drum machine.



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